Student Agreement Sample

This agreement has a duration of one year and is automatically renewed if it is not terminated. Suspension of Training Privileges: SCH reserves the right to terminate the use of its facilities, devices or provisions by students or faculty members in the event of a flagrant or repeated violation of SCH rules, regulations, policies or procedures. As a general rule, these measures are only taken when the complaint against a student or faculty member has been discussed with the relevant UNMC representative. SCH reserves the right to take, if necessary, immediate measures to maintain the operation of its facilities without interruption. This Agreement is concluded on this (20) day of (20 May), 19(97), with effect from (1) day of (July), 19.97), between the (Smith County Hospital), hereinafter referred to as “SCH”, and the Board of Regents, Governing Body for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Nursing, hereinafter referred to as “UNMC”. Accidental exposure to patient blood or bodily fluids: The Parties mutually agree with the Center for Disease Control`s statement that students who attend training programs for health professionals pose a risk of accidental exposure to blood or bodily fluids. SCH must have a directive on accidental exposure to blood or bodily fluids. This Directive includes the conditions and all other conditions mutually agreed between the two parties: responsibility for obtaining the patient`s authorisation and blood sample for testing, responsibility for the cost of blood tests, guidelines for emergency care for students and medicines. The student is responsible for postoperative care and is responsible for fees. A report on the occurrence of an accidental exposure involving students or teachers is forwarded to the relevant academic unit of the CHS. Sch must also have a directive that describes the vaccinations needed for students and teachers. In the event of illness or injury, SCH provides emergency medical care to students and teachers.

Fees are charged to the student or faculty member. The UNMC is notified and offers appropriate follow-up.