Non Compete Agreement It Consulting

More seriously, the employer could sue you to hold you liable for money damages, legal fees and legal fees if you lose the lawsuit. Your employer may also receive a court injunction ordering you to end the competition immediately. In this case, the injunction could effectively prohibit you from competing longer than your original agreement with the employer. And the worst time to know that your employer is serious about your non-compete agreement after investing time and money in starting a business. The agreement-wide clause confirms that there are no other provisions or conditions outside of this agreement. All you can do is prevent a consultant from operating in a company that competes with your business in a geographic area large enough to protect your business. The restriction must be appropriate so that the employee is not prevented from doing his or her usual business in an area that could not affect your business. The amendment clause stipulates that the amendments to the agreement must be made with the written agreement of all contracting parties. Others agree: especially for new people, there is no ton of weight.

Two main things you should avoid to stay lucid (ethical and legal): if you do the type of work X for client Y, you cannot move to a new business and sell the same type of work to the same client, at least during your competitive period. Different types of work for the same client is also questionable. If you have used proprietary knowledge/methods/methods in your former business for Client Y, you cannot sell them to Z customers in the new business. That`s why I`m currently an IT consultant for a consulting firm. One of my clients offered me a job for more than double what I am currently doing. I have signed a non-compete contract with my current consulting firm, for which I work. I`ll let the company that wants to hire me look at its legal team on my non-compete, but from the discussion with other consultants within my company, I`m tempted to think it`s a pretty solid non-competitive contract. I know it is not possible for anyone to respond without looking at my competition contract, but one way around that was to set up a consulting firm on my behalf.