Lodge Agreement Fwc

Greenfields Agreements , with the exception of individual enterprise agreements covered in paragraph 182, paragraph 4, of the Act (2) A document must be submitted to the Commission: (7) If a person who has become a member of an organisation under an agreement under sub-section 1 is subsequently eligible for membership in the organization in accordance with its eligibility rules , the organization is not authorized to represent the person`s industrial interests. until a record of the person`s admissibility is recorded in the register held in accordance with paragraph 230, paragraph 1, point a). (6) An organization does not have the right, under this Act or Fair Labour Act, to represent the commercial interests of persons eligible for organization only as part of an agreement reached under paragraph (1). 2. Despite Rules 19, 21 and 22, the respondent may respond to the motions when: (a) makes a statement to an employer pursuant to Rules 24, 25 and 26; and (1) When an application is made under section 185 of the Act for the approval of an enterprise agreement that is not a Greenfields agreement, any employer covered by the agreement must submit, in support of the application for leave, within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract, a declaration of application for authorization from the employer or an employee who is the employer`s executive or authorized employee. 4. A document filed under this rule is a motion that opens a case: 4. The manager cannot include information about the agreement in this register unless the FWC has asked him to do so. (a) provide the details of the objection in the respondent`s response under Rule 19; or 41………. Request for additional documents submitted to the Commission………………. 23 If you apply to the Commission, you initiate legal proceedings.

If you have not yet done so, it is important to read the information on the Commission`s processes on our website. (4) If the agreement is not an agreement on green fields, any negotiating representative covered by Article 176, paragraph 1, point (c) of the law, which has been appointed by one or more workers and that the Commission wishes to point out that workers: 1) If a person wishes to communicate to the Commission: that a lawyer or a paid representative acts for the person before the Commission in a case , the person must submit a notification to the Commission. 26…………. Request for authorization to terminate an enterprise contract or a conventional transition instrument……………… 15 Any respondent named in the application and all other negotiators who wish to enter into an enterprise agreement (3) If the agreement is not an agreement on the green meadow, any workers` organisation that is a negotiator and wishes to inform the Commission that the organization: 40……….