Furnace Service Agreement

The association`s website also includes a “Find a Contractor” service that allows you to search for members near you by postal code. Whether you limit your interviews to companies listed therein or consult with others, you can use the association`s checklists to ensure that the services provided by a company contain the elements that the industry deems necessary. However, you are unlikely to find the same wording. Heating and cooling companies typically start with industry guidelines and then optimize them to turn them “into your own” list of service points, said Ryan Bramble, director of operations for Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning in Front Royal, Virginia (855-259-2280; aireserv.com), which is listed on the association`s website and serves your community. Offering a variety of plans and helping clients fund the plan of their choice make our service contracts attractive and affordable. There are many names for these agreements, for example.B. maintenance contracts for HLK, service contracts and comfort plans. But they are all the same. Most of them drop the word “contract,” but that`s what they are. At Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer our customers a variety of service contract plans: a complete gold seal agreement with full parts and safety at work, a Silver Seal agreement with repair discounts, and a Precision Plus plan that includes a 30% discount on repairs. All plans offer routine maintenance and priority service. If your goal, when getting a service contract, is to insure yourself against expensive repair bills, check the price of a contract that offers this level of protection. And remember, the most expensive repairs — replacing compressors and heat exchangers — are not covered by most service contracts.

7. Number of maintenance visits. In many cases, two service dates per year are enough to keep your HLK installation in good condition. However, you might need more visits if your system is running 24×7, if your appliances are exposed to poor air quality conditions (e.g.B. industrial or kitchen exhaust gases) or if you have complex appliances that require more frequent monitoring. Instead of paying for individual maintenance visits and repairs, you can enter into a service contract for your heating and cooling systems. Many companies are trying to convince customers to do this. We reinforce the value of the service contract by ensuring that precise coordination and security maintenance take as long for a contractual customer as it is for an inconclusive customer. There are no shortcuts and nothing is skipped because we waited for the equipment the year before. In addition, if office staff are considering a call to a problem or a routine maintenance visit, we will indicate the normal amount of the call and emphasize that it is fully covered when a customer has our full service contract plan.

If they have a weaker plan, the amount they save by being a contract customer is indicated. Start with the contract price and share it with the company`s hourly rate for the service. You will receive as many hours of service. Share it by the number of visits and, again, by the number of equipment covered. This is the time the company plans to devote to each piece of equipment. You will be surprised to discover that this small supplier plans to have to spend 4 minutes and 32 seconds on the maintenance of a device. . . .